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5 rules for managing your e-mail

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E-mail can be very stressful! As you sit at your computer, trying to get things done, and more and more e-mail comes in, your "to do" list keeps getting bigger and bigger! About two years ago I made the conscious decision to take back control of my e-mail and not let it get me stressed out. I was really inspired by a presentation from Merlin Mann from 43 Folders that I heard at Real Estate Connect SF a while back. He promotes the concept of "Inbox Zero."I don't think there will be a day for me where I achieve that goal -- but there are few 'rules' I live by when it comes to e-mail to keep it manageable. Here are 5 things rules I live by to help me stay sane -- and also help to keep my Inbox to 20-40 e-mails max at any one time. 1. Don't have your e-mail open all day long, and turn off those "bings." E-mail can be the most distracting thing. You are working on something and then "bing!" you have an incoming e-mail and you get distrac...