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‘Cyber-squatters’ target overseas agents

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Editor's note: This item is republished with permission from Global Edge Marketing Ltd. The original post can be viewed here. It has been seven days since Colombia's domain extension (.co) went on sale internationally, and already we have had three calls from cyber-squatters wanting to sell these domain names to international agents. Do not be taken in!  The domains are rarely worth the registration fee (around $31.19 in U.S. dollars) let alone the thousands of (dollars) these companies are asking for the ones they are sitting on. Reasons to buy a domain name There are only two reasons to purchase a domain name: 1. It is a "brandable" domain name or the purchase helps to protect your brand 2. It helps to deliver search-engine traffic Domain names using .co may not fit into the first category and there are often cheaper alternatives for achieving search engine traffic. The best domains The best domain names are short, unique, memorable and ideally us...