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Make your WordPress site iPad-friendly

Allow visitors to 'swipe' your website

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PadPressed, a plug-in for website platform WordPress, can make any WordPress site function like a native iPad app. The plug-in allows readers to "swipe to advance" -- navigating to next or previous articles using finger motions; switch between categories by touching a large icon associated with the categories instead of using dropdown menus or text links; and share content via e-mail and built-in social networking options like Twitter and Facebook. The plug-in also makes the website "accelerometer aware," so that it can switch between landscape and portrait modes depending on the orientation of the iPad. Users can set a featured category on their home page that will allow readers to swipe through featured articles or simply see them autoplay at the top of the page. In order to see and use these iPad-friendly features, readers do not have to download anything. They can simply access the site via an iPad. The plug-in automatically formats the site's logo to look like...