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Sharing too much on social media

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The Internet is just like every place else on the planet -- it is populated with good people and bad people. There are also assorted nut jobs, angry loners and the criminally insane, and it isn't always easy to sort them out. Using social media adds a whole new level of complexity to playing it safe. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally accepted a "friend" request on Facebook from a person who I have had some contact with. I won't go into the details because I don't want any more trouble, but accepting the friendship request turned out to be a poor choice. He joined a conversation and wrote some things on my wall that none of us liked. It is wise to know who our Facebook friends are. I am finding that I don't know many of mine and am reluctant to respond to friend requests from total strangers. I tell everyone that I don't like people and that I am not a people person. Social media has made me a bit antisocial. I take advantage of the privacy settings and post s...