Experimenting with housing swaps

Mood of the Market

On the British Broadcasting Corp. website the other day, this headline caught my eye: "Social tenants in England to get wider home swap choices." From what I gathered in the article and the research I gathered in fewer than six degrees of clicks outward from it, social tenants are those who live in government-funded or assisted housing in the U.K. — the equivalent of residents in American housing projects.

So, I read on about the British government’s new "housing swap scheme" or plan, in which these social tenants will be allowed to register as interested in moving to another type of social housing, or even to another area, and will be allowed to simply trade homes with other social tenants. Many tenants and even one of the country’s largest private providers of social housing applauded this new plan, which the government has been pressured to create for many moons, apparently. The private housing provider had, in fact, already implemented its own internal version of the program, to resounding success.