A pro’s take on attic ventilation

A tip to properly exhaust hot air

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Q: My house currently has a continuous ridge vent in the attic and two gable vents (one on each end of the attic). However, it has no soffit vents at all. I'd like to install some but I'm not sure what kind are best. Is it bad to have more ventilation at the eaves than at the ridge? Any tips are appreciated. --Mike A: For the typical attic, ventilation is achieved by installing a series of low vents along the eaves or soffits of the roof, and a series of high vents along the roof's ridge or gable ends. Since the air in the attic is warmer at the ridge than it is at the eaves, the natural upward movement of the warmed air creates a current of moving air.The low vents act as air intake vents and the upper ones act as exhaust vents -- lower temperature air is drawn in through the low vents, pushing the higher temperature air out the high vents. Without the low ventilation, as is the case of your attic, you are dependent solely on wind pressure to move air in through one of th...