Judge denies Section 8 evictions

Law of the Land

In March 2006, the landlord of the Morton Gardens apartment complex in Los Angeles sent tenant Debora Barrientos and her neighbors "Notice(s) of Withdrawal from Section 8 Assisted Housing Program and Notice of Change in Terms of Your Tenancy," which stated that the tenants’ Section 8 tenancies were being terminated and that they would be charged full market rents going forward, according to court records.

The notices went on to provide that "(t)he owner/agent for the owner wishes to remove the Subject Premises from the Federally Assisted Section 8 Housing Program, and intends to rent the unit at market rents," and stated that the tenants’ options were to either pay the full market rent or move out.

The owner’s desire to remove the homes from the Section 8 program was the only reason provided for the change in terms/eviction.