Renter faces expensive plumbing lesson

Odd discovery identifies source of 'accident'

Q: Recently the toilet in my apartment overflowed. The water poured out all over the bathroom and even into a couple of adjacent rooms. I contacted the manager and he sent out a plumber and a flood control company. The plumber cleared the blockage and reported that he found a large nail clipper and some small batteries in the line from the toilet. The flood control company extracted the water and I had to put up with large noisy air blowers to dry everything out for three days.

Now the manager is telling me that the toilet backup is my fault and he expects me to pay $650 for the plumber and flood control company. I admit that the items were mine, but I don’t know how they got into the toilet. But I am sure it was an accident.

Can the manager make me pay for this? I can’t afford to pay for this. I feel that I should be compensated for the inconvenience.