Drilling down on concrete fasteners

Screw anchors a perfect fit for home projects

Bolting framing, fixtures, tools or anything else down to concrete has never been an easy task. Wedge anchors have been the standard choice for many years, but they are difficult to install correctly and can place additional lateral strain on the concrete due to their expansion, making them unsuitable for use close to the edge of a concrete slab or foundation wall.

Many other types of anchors don’t have sufficient strength to meet code requirements for framing installations.

One high-strength solution to this construction problem that’s also relatively easy to use is the Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor. The Titen HD is manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie, a company long known for its wide selection of steel hangers and other fastening and connector supplies for construction. It looks somewhat similar to a conventional lag bolt, but all similarity stops there.