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Real estate ad tips for Craigslist and print

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Episode 37: Print isn't dead. In this episode of the Wheel Estate Cam, real estate broker Frank LLosa says he has used cost-effective print ads to win business."I actually picked up a $3.5 million client from an $11 ad," LLosa says. Short ads can attract eyeballs and calls, he says, as prospective buyers may reach out to you seeking details about the for-sale home.LLosa also offers tips in marketing properties using online classifieds and community site Craigslist.Choose the right keywords and terms for a property ad on Craigslist, he says, such as the ZIP code, relevant counties and neighborhood points of interest, the number of bedrooms, and whether there's an upcoming open house, for example.He recommends embedding at least one photograph using the craigslist photo-upload tool, and he suggests that choosing a standard text layout with a photograph, rather than an elaborate design, may be the best approach for that site.A "short snippet, but with the right keywords...