Staying competitive in a new economic world

Book Review: 'The Betrayal of American Prosperity'

Americans are stressed out about money. We are individually stressed out about the state of our household finances. But we’re also collectively stressed out about the future of our country’s prosperity, economic well-being and world leadership on a macro level; we hear story after story reflecting brick after brick crumbling out of the figurative masonry that makes up the edifice of America.

Foreign students would rather stay home and study; America costs too much money and offers too few jobs. Canadians don’t want to come visit out of fear that a vacation accident will cost them their life’s savings. Teenagers can’t find summer jobs; adults can’t find jobs at all. Our kids’ math and science scores are rotten, and urban high school graduation rates are rottener. Real estate has crashed, stocks have crashed, woe is us, etc., and so forth.