Stop leaks with hybrid sealant

Paintable, fast-acting caulk works wonders outdoors

Q: The front porch and garage of the 1912 house I co-own have been rebuilt to accommodate two cars. When it rains, there is a leak in the part of the garage that was added. Also, when we recently had the front of the house washed we noticed a leak along the line where the porch meets the house. Is there a sealant you can recommend that will stop this in the short term? I know this is not likely a long-term solution.

A: Your remark about a sealant being a short-term fix is correct. We would be willing to bet that down the road you’re going to need some new flashing.

But for now, welcome to the world of caulk. Walk into Home Depot or Lowe’s, and we guarantee you’ll be befuddled by the selection.