Real estate tech gets more social

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

San Jose, Calif.-based planetRE, a real estate tech company, on Tuesday announced a new communication management platform that includes a Facebook property search engine and a customer relations management tool integrating a variety of online networks with modeling and analytics tools. The planetRE RealFace tool for Facebook can be branded by individual agents, the company announced, and the CRM platform can be used with the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks, among others. The communications platform, dubbed planetRE CM, can be used to identify the return on investment for online campaigns, and gives agents and brokers insights on prospecting efforts via social networks, e-mail and instant messaging, according to the company announcement. The platform "opens up the idea to salespeople that relationships with clients are developed across multiple platforms through multiple channels," said Subrao Shenoy, planetRE CEO, in a statement. PlanetRE's offering is part ...