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In this market, ‘will do’ beats ‘can do’

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You can do it. Don't let the market break your will to do it. "I don't know when I have worked so hard for a closing," Orlando Realtor Theresa Blahut told me, then proceeded to explain the issue, which I had trouble following. "I made call after call because I just knew there was a way to do this, and I would not give up. I owed it to the buyer and seller to solve the problem. I was quite proud of myself," she modestly added. "I was not going to give up until I got the right answer. I knew there was one. There had to be." How's that for a working mantra in today's real estate market? Theresa is wife and mother of two children and is a sales trainer and Realtor. She exudes confidence. You get the feeling she will take care of it ... whatever it is. In this market, a "will do" attitude trumps a "can do" one. We all know unconsciously competent agents who have given up or are about to. They have fought one too many short-sal...