The next big thing

Realtor Notebook

There is a new Web-based tool, phone app or social network being introduced every day. First there is excitement, and then the flurry of articles on how to use it for business and how it will change business and the world.

I like to try as many things as I can but I have a hard time deciding what the next big thing is. Is Google Voice the next big thing?

You can choose one phone number that is attached to you, and it checks up to six numbers to connect you with the caller. It has voicemail and custom voicemail, and I think it may heat a cup of coffee, too, but I haven’t figured out that feature yet.

Google Voice is popular and cutting-edge, but I am not using it. I have only one phone number and it is for my cell phone. I am unwilling to get more phone numbers, as that could make me too easy to find.