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10 tips for real estate success in 2011

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Instead of waiting until January of 2011, why not set your goals for next year right now and skip the production lows that normally come at the end of the year? On Monday we examined Michael Gerber's concept of "working on" your business as opposed to "working in" your business. "Working on" your business means taking time to analyze market conditions, evaluate your marketing efforts, and make adjustments to capitalize on market fluctuations. It also means creating a written plan. 1. The power of written goals Research has consistently demonstrated the power of writing down your goals. Mark McCormack, in his book, "What They Don't Teach You in the Harvard Business School," reported on a study that followed Harvard students who graduated with a master's degree in business administration from 1979-89. At the beginning of the study, only 3 percent of the graduates had written goals, 13 percent had goals that were not in writing, and 8...