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I'll cop to it: I've always had a little patience "issue." I think quickly, move quickly, read quickly and would drive quickly, too, if I didn't spend most of my drive time on congested Bay Area bridges and boutique rows. In my family's spiritual belief system, impatience is clearly not a virtue, so as a very young child in church and school, I was equipped with mechanisms to cope with and counter this tendency of mine.

One was a song: "The Patience Song." "Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry," the song begins. "If you don't have patience, you'll always start to worry," and so on. I still sing the song, and have long practiced yoga, breathing exercises and experienced a number of other mindset shifts, with the result that it is now the exception, rather than the rule, for me to be irritated when something happens more slowly than I would like.

This brings us to the next in a series of sh...