Real estate and the new Facebook-Bing partnership

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

By KEVIN LISOTAEditor's note: Kevin Lisota, is CEO and co-founder of findwell, a real estate brokerage helping people buy and sell Seattle real estate. Kevin left a career at Microsoft to put his tech skills to use in real estate and can be found regularly on his Seattle real estate blog. Every real estate agent wants to be popular on the Web. If you are easily found by consumers searching for an agent or a home, your pipeline of prospective business grows.Last week, Facebook and Microsoft made an interesting announcement that integrates Facebook data with the Bing search engine. Their announcement is a fundamental shift in how results can be found in a search engine, and will impact how buyers and sellers find you on the Web in the future. How search engines work today For the last decade or more, search engines have functioned in pretty much the same way. They crawl around on all the websites they can find and create a massive index of pages and content. When a user t...