Consider hybrid fencing option

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Q: I live in California, about 22 miles south of the Oregon border. We have all four seasons here -- temperatures vary from 5 degrees below zero to 105 degrees. I recently purchased a new home on a one-third-acre lot. Now I need a fence. All of my neighbors have some form of wood fence. While some look really great, others appear to be fading, and a couple have gone to a grayish color. Is there a wood that I can use for my fence that would last without tons of maintenance? Is there a good stain or some kind of material that would maintain the original color of the wood? I have heard there are fences made of composites/plastic that look like wood and require minimal care. The length of all three sides totals about 300 feet. I'm not lazy; however, I do not desire to spend each summer treating 100 yards of fence. A: Leaving out the more expensive and labor-intensive options, such as concrete or brick, we think you've got three choices: wood, metal or composite. Each has its ...