Renter’s 2-for-1 deal in jeopardy

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Q: I've been a tenant at my apartment complex for 15 years. For 10 years I had a one-bedroom apartment and naturally I paid one-bedroom rent. My apartment unit was damaged as a result of negligent work by a roofing contractor that led to severe water damage to my unit. As a result, the landlord moved me to another apartment unit, but the only vacant unit at the time was a two-bedroom unit. My original unit was repaired, but my landlord felt sorry for me because I had some personal items damaged and didn't have renters insurance. So he continued to charge me for a one-bedroom unit for the last five years. The complex was sold last month to a new landlord and I'm worried because I am on a month-to-month lease. My concern is that the new owner will start charging me the current two-bedroom rent, which is more than I can afford. Or the new owner may require me to move back to a one-bedroom unit. I have become very comfortable with my two-bedroom unit and the reasonable rent....