De-clutter your home sale

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The most enjoyable part of selling your home occurs when the proceeds from the sale are deposited into your account. Up until that point, the selling process can be tiresome, uncertain, frustrating and inconvenient. There are ways to lighten the burden. It's a good idea to line up help to prepare your home for sale well in advance. At the least, most sellers need to declutter, which means removing knick-knacks, things you no longer want or need, and taking out excess furniture. Many sellers like to sort through their personal property themselves. They get rid of what they don't want by hauling, recycling, donating or selling online. Sellers who haven't the time and can afford to hire help should ask their real estate agent for a recommendation of someone who specializes in assisting people with their move. Or, sellers can search online for home organizers. They usually will help people who are moving. Sellers often wonder if they need to move out of their home while it's on...