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Facebook: new ways to reach real estate sphere

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So Facebook had its big messaging announcement yesterday. What does it mean for real estate technologists and social media gurus? The short answer is: A few new tools for integrating your communications channels. But those of you who have been reading my column know I like to dive deeper than the short answers. I want to review some of what makes Facebook work (and sometimes not work) for real estate professionals, and then explore the new messaging features. What does Facebook disrupt? A lot of attention is paid to how Facebook ranks compared to Google in traffic or engagement metrics. While that's interesting, I think it's a sideshow. Facebook doesn't yet disrupt the human behavior of having a question and asking it -- that's where Google is focused. But in terms of communication, Facebook is a large disruptor. E-mail-length communications, chat, short-format status updates, location, photos and so on are core to the Facebook experience. Facebook disrupts things like ...