Real estate 'client control': use and abuse

Mood of the Market

Q: My husband and I are buying a $1.2 million home. The inspections indicated that a number of repairs are needed, and we asked the sellers to chip in $25,000 to get them done. They countered with an offer of $8,000 and are not coming up, even though we asked them to meet us halfway at $12,000.

My agent says that it’s not worth losing the home over, which I agree with. But then he said something that made me concerned. He repeatedly said the seller’s agent doesn’t have any "client control."

That makes me feel like my agent thinks he does have control over us, and I don’t like that — it makes me think he’s just trying to close the deal, and wonder whether he’s giving us advice that is actually in our best interests. It actually makes me second-guess whether we should be taking his advice and compromising on the repair issue. Are we being "managed"?