Your call to action is a phone call away

Realtor Notebook

I am always busy over the holidays, even when business is slow. There are social obligations and plenty of extra volunteer work. This year I am not in the holiday mood but I am working on it. I probably will not reach the "jolly" stage, but I know if I work at it I can manage the holiday party smile and handshake.

The day after Thanksgiving I struggled to write yet another blog post. After five years and almost 2,000 blog posts, it is sometimes hard to be motivated to write another. I sat in front of my blank computer screen and figured eventually something would come to me.

It was tempting to just take the day off. I kept thinking that I really need some more buyers and maybe I should just ask for some. Why not?

I know from experience that on that notorious post-Thanksgiving shopping day, Black Friday, if at all possible I need to write the words "black" and "Friday" — pretty much in that order — because if I do people will click on it.