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Fix e-mail suffix blues with Google Apps

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By NICK LOVEGROVE Editor's note: Nick Lovegrove is owner of, a real estate website provider. We are big fans of the big filing system in the sky. Ground-based filing is sooo 2005. What I am talking about is the ever-growing Google Docs cloud, the online office tools for the creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc., and the storage of them. Though we've never actually "lost everything," we've all heard a few of those doomsday stories of computer crashing woes, and the threat nonetheless is always there. Sure, we've been through external hardware auto backups and automated online backups like (which we thought were pretty good), sharing work across a network. However, even with the best of intentions, as geeks say in Las Vegas,  "What happens on your computer, stays on your computer." Stuff to the fluff Which is why we felt pretty early on that moving all the creation of that stuff ...