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Cool iPad tools to aid real estate buyers

Realtor Notebook

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A couple of months ago I wrote about how I use the iPad on listing appointments. The iPad is also a great tool for working with buyers. Here is a description of some of the apps and other mobile tools I am using, how I am using them, and a short review of the new 4.2 operating system for the iPad. Most of these mobile tools are inexpensive or free: 1. The app, because it has most listings and because I can have my clients draw a circle on a map and all the listings in the circle will pop up. It is a great way to explain neighborhoods and to quickly see available homes. 2. The Safari browser that comes with the iPad. Instant Internet is the killer application on the iPad, and these are among the most useful sites: a. The multiple listing service -- if I had three thumbs I would give the NorthstarMLS three thumbs up for how well it works on mobile devices. b. Local tax records. c. City permits and "Truth in Sale of Housing" reports. 3. A mortgage ca...