The age of tech-savvy real estate agents

Realtor Notebook

Battling stereotypes isn’t anything new in my life. The phrase "young and tech-savvy" is ingrained in our minds and permeates the real estate industry.

It seems to be a fact — I read it someplace almost every day and I am not going to attempt to dispel any myths.

When I worked in the technology sector it was heavily male-dominated and the most talented women never obtained true geek status. Today, I don’t need to be a geek, because I compete in a different arena.

My heart goes out to people in their 20s and 30s who cannot live up to the "young and tech-savvy" phrase and to the women in their 60s who are geeks and technology powerhouses. The tech-savvy agents have never been fully defined, but we are told over and over that they are young.