Tips on prefab shower installation

How to prevent a loose pan, cracked tiles

Q: We are looking to put in a walk-in shower. It will be new construction. Several folks have told us it is a major pain because we’ll need to cut joists and lower the drain.

However, we’ve come across a product called Tile Redi that looks as if it would be much simpler. Do you have any experience with that or similar products?

A: Yes, we do have experience with similar products. And the folks telling you about cutting away floor joists to lower the drain are full of baloney.

We checked out the Tile Redi website. From what we see, it’s a standard shower pan with a built-in drain, but with one big difference: True to its name, the finished product is not plastic. It is made to take a tile floor. Other than the beefed-up material and finish, though, it seems to be pretty standard.