Real estate agents: When you speak, say something

Your verbal entanglements will net no sales

I have always enjoyed movies that feature gladiators fighting in front of thousands in the Roman Coliseum. In one match, a man armed with a sword and net stumbles and is entangled in the net.

As you might guess, this does not turn out well: The harder he fights to get out of the net, the more entangled he becomes.

It happens to salespeople all the time. Except they aren’t using a real net — it’s their words that ensnare them.

Verbal entanglement happens when the agent tries to resolve a prospect’s concern but the agent does not have the answer, or is trying to address a concern that doesn’t exist. Either way, it is not about meeting the prospect’s needs.

It destroys trust, and the sales agent eventually gets a thumbs-down on the sale.

Have you ever verbally entangled yourself? Stumbled on your own words?