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Real estate agents: When you speak, say something

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I have always enjoyed movies that feature gladiators fighting in front of thousands in the Roman Coliseum. In one match, a man armed with a sword and net stumbles and is entangled in the net. As you might guess, this does not turn out well: The harder he fights to get out of the net, the more entangled he becomes. It happens to salespeople all the time. Except they aren't using a real net -- it's their words that ensnare them. Verbal entanglement happens when the agent tries to resolve a prospect's concern but the agent does not have the answer, or is trying to address a concern that doesn't exist. Either way, it is not about meeting the prospect's needs. It destroys trust, and the sales agent eventually gets a thumbs-down on the sale. Have you ever verbally entangled yourself? Stumbled on your own words? It is a terrible feeling to hear an objection and to know that the next thing we say will determine whether we make the sale or lose it. Ever been there? We start speaking ...