Own your own real estate brand

Realtor Notebook

As a Realtor, I don’t have a business that has inventory that I own, and my most important business assets are either on the Internet or they have to do with my reputation and even my name.

A friend of mine recently lost a bunch of his business assets, and he will lose business because of it. The real estate franchise that he worked under closed all local offices. He moved to another brand. He sent an e-mail out to everyone he knows announcing his new e-mail address and phone number.

It is bad enough that he had to change his e-mail address, but he went from being "X@realestate-company.com" to "X@different-realestate-company.com." If he decides to move on or start a new business he will have to change his business e-mail address and his phone number again.

My friend will lose business because of his move, and it will be because people will send e-mails to the old address or call the old number or maybe visit the old Web page.