5 real estate tech time-savers

Simplify day with e-sign, passwords, screen sharing

Are you looking for some simple new Web tools that will definitely help your business and won’t break the bank? Here are some great suggestions.

Evernote and Dropbox are the two relatively new tools that I use constantly. Evernote allows me to take notes anywhere on my smart phone or iPad. It then syncs those notes so they appear on all my devices, including my laptop.

I have complete accessibility to my notes at all times. Best of all, I can quickly search my notes to locate keywords. Evernote aggregates each document containing those keywords as well as highlighting the position of the keywords within the document.

Dropbox saves me tremendous amounts of time by avoiding the hassle of downloading and uploading files. Normally it would take three to five minutes to upload a 6MB video. I recently moved my presentations folder, which occupied 672MB of disk space, using Dropbox.