Snag a deal on Mexican real estate

Don't let crime keep you from buying beach getaway

Jim Cramer, the bombastic, high-energy investment guru and host of the CNBC show "Mad Money," told his audience last summer that he recently purchased three properties in Mexico. Why, Jim?

"Mexico is a big country and not every province, every state is involved in the drug trade," said Cramer, a magna cum laude graduate from Harvard. "It has to be one of the nicest places I’ve ever been …

"It’s not such a bad idea to diversify away from stocks," he said. "I think that out-of-favor real estate in Mexico that’s easily accessible to Americans represents a great buy."

Given the winter weather in the Puget Sound, many grumbling residents are seeking consistent sun. Warm water would also fit. However, they are skittish to ask about Mexico, believing the entire country to be awash in blood, crime and drugs.