Patch unsightly drywall holes

Tips on prep work, installation, finishing

Drywall patching is one of the most common projects on the do-it-yourselfer’s list. Whether it’s the result of some intentional remodeling work, such as creating a hole in the wall to fish some electrical wires, or from something accidental, like a doorknob hole in a wall, sooner or later you’re going to have an unsightly hole in your drywall that you need to take care of.

And while it’s a common project, it’s still one that intimidates a lot of people. But there’s no need to be scared off. The materials are cheap and readily available, and the techniques are easy to master with a little practice and a little patience.

Get the area ready for the patch

The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare the damaged area to receive the new patch. Lay a tarp or some plastic sheathing on the floor under the patch area, to catch all the debris. Wear eye protection and a dust mask while cutting the drywall, and for the subsequent sanding operations.