5 social media tips to win real estate clients

Don't underestimate power of video testimonials, charity events

Are you gaining clients from your social networking activities? If not, it’s time to create a plan that not only builds your friends and followers, but also helps them become your clients as well.

There are literally thousands of ways to use social media to attract clients. The following list contains strategies that are working for top agents in today’s market.

1. Micro-marketing on Facebook business pages
One strategy that has worked well for a number of agents is to set up a fan page or business page for the specific markets they serve. On this page, provide as much information about the subdivision, condo project, or market niche that you are serving. In most cases, the more specific you are in your target, the better your results will be.

In addition to a website specifically dedicated to the lifestyle in this area, you can also consider a separate Facebook business page for a property.