The iPad 2: a better business tool for real estate

Realtor Notebook

I was one of those brave or maybe foolish people who bought an iPad before they were in the stores by preordering it. After using it for a year I have to say the iPad was worth the investment.

I use my iPad for business and for entertainment, and I love those apps for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I still see the iPad as more of a content-consuming device than a content generator, but I can use it to create a presentation, write a blog post or a real estate contract, draw pictures or graphics, and edit photographs.

The iPad has evolved since its launch a year ago, and there are a lot more apps for it. Apple upgraded the operating system a few times. Originally the iPad got a bad rap because there wasn’t any way to print from it and it did not offer multitasking.

Printing capabilities were added as part of an operating system upgrade, which I guess is a big deal for some but I have no interest in printing and have never even tried it. Multitasking capabilities were also part of an operating system upgrade.

Apple recently rolled out the iPad 2 this year and the new device is selling quickly. It has a front-facing and a rear-facing camera, and is lighter, thinner and faster than the original iPad. The best way to describe the iPad 2 is: lovely, but it’s not a monumental upgrade from the original iPad.