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Kaira Rouda reveals success tips in new book

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Kaira Rouda, founder of Real You, the brand creator for Real Living, and best-selling author of "Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs," has just released her first novel, "Here, Home, Hope."

"Here, Home, Hope" is not only a fun read — it’s a primer from one of real estate’s most successful women on how to build a successful real estate practice.

Kelly Mills Johnson, age 39, is the mother of two teenage boys who is facing a midlife crisis. As you follow Kelly’s journey from housewife and mom to budding home stager, Rouda provides a road map for business success coupled with plenty of laughs and tears along the way.

One of Kelly’s most endearing traits is her constant creation of Post-it notes for her "Things to Change" list. Below are five of the 20 items from Kelly’s list that are worth exploring in your real estate business.