Real estate agent's novel idea: mystery writing

People in real estate: Vicki Doudera

In 2003, Vicki Doudera was sitting through the first hour of the first day of her real estate licensing class when it dawned on her: She could craft a career in mystery writing from the material she might encounter in the real estate business.

"It hit me — I had found my world in which to set my fiction," she recalled. "You’ve got great settings, luxury homes, and you’re getting a peek into people’s worlds.

"You have a lot of human drama, you see passions, and you have a lot of things that can go wrong," Doudera explained. "There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye."

She went on to get her license and works as an agent for Camden Real Estate Co. in Camden, Maine. She relegated the idea of real estate agent as gumshoe to the back of her mind until one day three years ago, when she sat down and started writing.