Roost rolls out scorecard to rate local social media clout

Company analyzes Facebook 'likes'

Social network marketing and technology company Roost has launched a scorecard to help small businesses figure out how many of their Facebook fans are local, the company has announced.

The free Roost Local Scorecard analyzes the Facebook "likes" a business page receives and gives businesses an index score between 1 and 100 based on geographic location, local population size, and other factors. The scorecard also breaks down how much of a business’s audience is local and provides suggestions for how to improve a business’s score.

"Local businesses live and die by the customers in their specific market, so understanding and optimizing this piece of the puzzle is paramount to social media success," said Chris Brubaker, Roost spokesman, in a statement.

"The era of acquiring fans blindly is a thing of the past for today’s smart local businesses. After all, not all ‘likes’ are created equal."