Summing up Google+

How does new social platform stack up versus other tools?

Google’s new social platform, Google+, launched June 28. The service started as invitation-only and with little to no marketing efforts, Google was forced to shut off the invitation mechanism due to the large volume of requests.

I’ve been following the conversations regarding the new application and it’s been interesting listening to both the positive and negative feedback. Kristen Burnham, of the Web 2.0 Advisor blog at, declared that "Users don’t want another social network, what they want is a better social network."

On the flip side, I was surprised to learn that Kevin Rose, entrepreneur and co-founder of Digg, decided to forward his blog’s domain name to his Google+ profile.

After numerous failed attempts in social media (Google Wave, Buzz and Dodgeball), there is a lot at stake for Google with this new platform. As Inman News columnist Gahlord Dewald stated in "Google +1: a social solution for the search giant?" there are many things Google isn’t good at. Most of them involve social things.