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Goal-setting for real estate websites

Establish performance targets to win clients from Web visits

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

One of the things that get taken for granted far too often is the goal of any particular website. When talking with business owners across the board in the real estate industry and beyond, when I ask about the goal of their websites I'm often met with blank stares.

Sometimes the difference between the website goals and the business goal isn't distinct. "My goal is to make a lot of money!" is the kind of goal that isn't especially useful because it doesn't help inform decision-making about how the website should work (or whether it's working at all).

Other times, the business goal is simply assumed. "I'm in real estate so I want my website to generate leads!" is more helpful, but still not as useful for decision-making as putting in the effort to think it all through.

Setting goals for your website -- determining what thing you want people to do while they're on your site -- is important. Maybe people are nervous abou...