What to know about Google's new blue links

Deciphering the change in search results

If you have checked your brand on Google recently you may have noticed a change in the appearance of the search engine results page (SERP). For searches that Google thinks are brand-based (your brokerage name, for example), there is an expansion of ancillary links.

There have been a number of smallish ancillary links, called "sitelinks," for awhile. But now, you’ll notice, they have expanded a great deal in size and scope. While the links were previously small, and contained only the title of the page being linked, now they are large and contain only about the first 25 or so characters of a page title.

This week, we’ll look a little bit at how to make the best of this change in the SERP and also what might be going on under the hood at the big "G."

Oh no! Googling my brand results in a mess on the SERP!

This round of design changes to the search engine results page gives a lot more screen real estate and text to the top link. This is generally good, right? Your brand will now dominate the "above the fold" section of the search result.