Top do-it-yourself home fixes

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Book Review
Title: "Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements: Money-Saving Projects Anyone Can Do"
Author: Brad Staggs
Publisher: Betterway Home, 2011; 160 pages; $16.49

One of the biggest mental hurdles that stand between would-be homeowners and their homes-to-be is the prospect of home repairs and home improvements. When you haven’t owned a home before, it seems as though anything that goes wrong will cost a great deal of money.

I’ve seen people expect that switching out a faucet or a light switch will run them untold thousands of dollars, out of sheer ignorance. They simply lack any facts in which to ground their expectations in reality. (Plumbers make a lot of money but not that much.)

Against this backdrop, many a new homeowner (and some longtime ones, as well) will greatly appreciate the licensed contractor Brad Staggs’ new book, "Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements: Money-Saving Projects Anyone Can Do."