Build a better Twitter profile page

Real estate tech review: Twylah

Twitter has been and remains one of the social media tools that I find most valuable. It’s a useful way for me to get information, and it’s a useful way for me to share information with a group.

It’s a useful way for me to communicate directly with someone. And because the relationship mechanism of Twitter is "asynchronous" (i.e., you don’t have to be my "friend" to get my attention on Twitter or read my stuff), it’s a handy way to discover new voices and ideas.

But one area that has always been lacking in Twitter is the profile page. Twitter profile pages lack usefulness for business users.

Even with recent refinements, a trip to the Twitter profile page of a business isn’t going to give much insight or meaning into the organization. Rather, it may provide a picture, a background image, and whatever was most recently posted.

Compared to other social media sites, Twitter’s profiles are just not that helpful for a potential audience member to figure out what the business is about or for the business to put its best foot forward.