Your ticket to Gen Y real estate clients

5 practical tips to implement now

What will it take for agents to work successfully with the Gen Y buyers and sellers of tomorrow? Jimmy Mackin, the 25-year-old co-founder of the Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents as well as, reveals the secrets of what it takes to be successful when working with Gen Y.

I recently interviewed Jimmy Mackin for my "Real Estate Coach Radio" show. His insights about how to best work with his generation are important to anyone who wants to do business with this huge age cohort that is just now entering its peak buying years. Here are a number of the key do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t waste your money on print advertising
When Mackin was growing up, he and his friends would never go to a movie without checking what their peers had to say about it first.

Gen Yers trust each other; they don’t trust traditional advertising or marketing messages from companies. The idea that a buyer or seller would contact an agent based upon a newspaper, television, or other print marketing ad is completely foreign to Gen Y. In support of this fact, Mackin referenced an article on

"Peer influence analysis shows that American consumers generate 500 billion impressions on one another regarding products and services every year. That’s a big number, so let’s put that in perspective. That’s 2,841 impressions per online consumer per year that they’re making on each other.