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Finding common ground in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement

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The first time I read about the Occupy Wall Street protests was on Twitter. Protesters have been demonstrating around Wall Street and other financial centers for more than a month now.When the protests began they were largely ignored by mainstream media. The protests cover many economic and political issues, including foreclosures, the banking system, high unemployment, poverty and war, to name a few. The movement spread around the country and is connected to grassroots demonstrations around the globe. Even though protesters have several messages, there is one central theme and it is based on the idea that the richest 1 percent of the population controls a disproportionate share of the wealth and political power. Wall Street is the center of that wealth and power, and the money flows from corporations into the political system. I joined protesters in downtown Minneapolis last weekend so that I could see it for myself and talk with some of them. They call themselves the ...