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How to avoid real estate clients with bad morals

6 behaviors to look for

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How do you make decisions as to whether something is right or wrong? Knowing your "moral judgment" decision-making style, as well as that of your clients, can help you avoid serious problems. If you would like to know more about your personal decision-making style, the classic "moral judgment" problem posed by Lawrence Kohlberg in his research provides some surprising answers. Here's the dilemma Kohlberg posed to his research subjects: A man's wife is dying from cancer. The drugstore has a new treatment that will save her life, but it is extremely expensive. The man raised as much money as possible to buy the drug, but it still wasn't enough.He went to the druggist and explained, but the druggist refused to sell him the drug even though the man offered to make payments for it. So that night, the man breaks into the drugstore, steals the drug and gives it to his wife. Was he right or wrong to do so? And what was your reasoning for your decision? There is n...