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10 U.S. hotspots for smallest house sizes Midwest states host some of smallest median home sizes

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Six of the 10 U.S. areas with the smallest homes are in the Midwest, based on the median square footage of homes for sale on in September. reported that the median size of homes for sale in Washington, D.C., was the smallest in the country that month, at 1,000 square feet. The nation's capital was also the only area to post a median two bedrooms for the typical home -- every state in the top 10 posted a median three bedrooms. The six Midwestern states among the top 10 with the smallest homes are: Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin. Two of the states are in the West: Hawaii and California. One Northeast state is on the top 10 list: Maine. Washington, D.C., is the only area in the South to make the list. The two areas at the top of the list -- Washington, D.C., and Hawaii -- also had the highest median list prices of the bunch: at $432,500 and $575,000, respectively.The two areas varied widely in lot sizes. While Washington, D.C., had the ...