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New formula for Google search: fresher content is better

Algorithm expected to impact 35% of search results

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Last week Google rolled out an algorithm update that the company expects will have an impact on 35 percent of search results. This new update is the latest result of leveraging technology that Google built in its "Caffeine" update. The purpose of this latest algorithm update is to focus on freshness. Some search queries infer that the searcher is looking for the latest information on a topic. Breaking news, product reviews and sports scores might be good examples of this. In these types of searches, where the searcher will get more value from the latest information, Google will be pushing newer content to the top of the search engine results page (aka SERP). I haven't yet performed any large-scale data research on how this new algorithm update affects real estate. I have, however, done some spot checks in several markets for a handful of common real estate search queries. Focusing primarily on location and property types for sale, I didn't see any impacts on s...