Boomers ‘anxious’ about real estate decisions

Despite recession, demographic often confuses buying power with real wealth

Unlike the Greatest Generation (those who grew up during the Great Depression), baby boomers have never been labeled as risk-averse. They take chances, look for adventure, and are generally positive about the aspects of aging. They overborrowed for homes, cars, tuitions and vacations, leading Eric Snider, who holds a doctorate in social psychology and once served as Shea Homes' marketing director for Trilogy, the company's upscale active adult communities, to say "baby boomers never met a loan they didn't like." Didn't the mortgage meltdown and subsequent fragile economy change all that? Aren't all age groups (or "cohorts," as the marketing folks prefer to call them) playing it closer to the vest? Two new studies revealed a bit of the tightfistedness while leaving the door open to the adventuresome. The most recent Associated poll found the 77 million-strong generation born between 1946-64 is increasingly worried about retirement...