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What’s lost in a world of ubiquitous data?

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Data is being generated, created, tracked and measured at an ever-increasing rate. Our online behavior is being tracked and measured. Our mobile devices are sending back packets of information to a variety of services. We're entering an era of ubiquitous data. We are able to get instant updates regarding the people, places and things we care about. And the people, places and things we care about are getting instant updates about us. There are an increasing number of data points that are gatherable about everyone. For an example, compare a business card from the late 1990s to your current business card. And that's just the stuff that is overtly and enthusiastically volunteered. For marketers and analysts, this increase in data has been mostly helpful. We can now observe deeper levels of interaction between people and the things we make or sell or promote or represent. Where once we had only intuition to guide us, now we have data. Data-driven decision-making (a skill) is ...